"His tunes encompass a four cornered room of Classical and experimental Jazz, using some very minimalist tendencies with operatic sensitivity. The simple nature of the tunes trapped inside the digital disc coincided after I spent much of the weekend before restoring an older stereo vacuum tube amplifier for my living room. Personally I like that tube sound to really hear details, and after about 4 or 5 conscious repeated hearings it became very intoxicating, and slightly hypnotic. Only then I was able to engage in the subtle improvisation of it all. Not intended for the weak or frail, this is a mentally stimulating experience." 
- Radionic KKFI 90.1 FM Omaha 

"atmospheric rock with a nod toward jazz...the group's music could have served as a soundtrack to NASA's Apollo films from the 60s and 70s" 
- Torleif Sorenson, The Metropolitan Online 

The original plan was to have 10 minimalist pieces written for cello and piano with a large gap in the middle of the song for a performer to improvise through in a live situation. What happened in the end was that Aaron gave his recordings to musical collaborators, Jeff Crandall and Tyson Allison. They immediately had strange and otherworldly ideas come to mind to accompany Aaron’s music. They suggested letting them do some recording over his pieces, and Aaron agreed to see what would develop. The end product is what you hear now-- dark-textured, rhythmic ambient music with a flair for gothic and avant-garde undertones. No idea was thrown out until tried, and every experimental door that was opened led down a crooked hallway to yet another door and another door until it eventually opened to the weird and wonderful world of which this CD now exists. Thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy!


Aaron Kerr--cello, piano 
Tyson Allison--synth, analog synth, bass, percussion, chimes, tone box 
Jeff Crandall--guitar, bass, vocals, engineering 
Randy Gildersleeve--mixing, mastering

Recorded at Gildersound Studio in Forest Lake, MN

Copyright Emperor Penguin Records

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