“Pretty rad! This is crazy stuff!”- Michael Huber, Face to Face

"Heavy Pedal Cello's "October" has that rich sense of a story within a story like Maupin's "Tales of the City," and Masters' "Spoon River Anthology." Each track on "October" stands on its own but is interwoven to tell a larger story revealing all the qualities of great art--intelligent, intuitive, and rhythmic."- Jason Burkowitz, Letter Review

A simple concept: take a cello and hook it up to a bunch of guitar effects pedals. Add adept musicians, quick decisions, and total improvisation and you have Heavy Pedal Cello. Aaron Kerr and Tyson Allison have collaborated in bands for almost 10 years. Their latest (and craziest!) project is based on improvisation; bringing the many varied influences of both musicians to the table to create a truly unique and surprising sound. The music of Heavy Pedal Cello is always created right on the spot. No performance or recording will ever be the same. No piece will ever be replayed. The two musicians never know what each other are going to do. Aaron plays cello, and Tyson manipulates knobs, effects, and adds minimal percussion. Through eye contact and a few cues via hand signals they can communicate during each piece. No matter what happens, their music is always interesting, unpredictable, and inspired.


Tyson Allison--effects pedal knob twiddling, percussion 
Aaron Kerr--acoustic and electric cello 
Justin Deleon--engineer, mixing, mastering

Produced by Tyson Allison

Photos—Michelle Allison

Artwork and Design—Jeff Crandall

Copyright Emperor Penguin Records

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